The climate is Mediterranean and is determined by the sea and the continental hinterland. Luxuriant vegetation (pine forests, agaves, lavender, rosemary, laurel, olive groves, grapevines) and the sea ensure that the air is pure, clear and aromatic.

The island’s mild climate and relative humidity as compared to the temperature is especially beneficial for asthma sufferers.

Average temperatures on Unije Island:

Monat Temp. Monat Temp.
January 7,5 C° July 24,6 C°
February 7,6 C° August 24,3 C°
March 9,8 C° September 21,3 C°
April 13,7 C° October 16,1 C°
May 17,7 C° November 12,1 C°
June 21,8 C° December 9,3 C°